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 1ST OCTOBER 2023 


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The World Influencers Awards celebrate the very best Social Media Contributors and reward the Influencers, Companies and Organisations that are using online platforms to communicate in fresh and innovative ways, engaging with their audience. The Awards are open to all influencers globally across all genres.


The Event

Taking place on 6th May 2023 at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The event is the perfect opportunity to network and celebrate your achievements amongst your peers, friends and colleagues in the industry. A chance to meet the World's Most Famous Influencers under one roof - an event not to be missed.


The event will begin with a Cocktail Reception, Awards Ceremony followed by a “Meet The Influencers” After Party.


  • 2023 World's Leading Influencer Of The Year

  • 2023 World's Leading Sports Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Fashion Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Luxury Influencer 

  • 2023 World's Leading Music Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Storyteller

  • 2023 World's Leading Youtuber

  • 2023 World's Leading Influencer Couple

  • 2023 World's Leading Food Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Travel Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Fitness Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Photography Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Beauty Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Film Actor Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Comedian Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Technology Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Model Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Adventure Influencer

  • 2023 World's Leading Kids Influencer



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Importance of Social Media Influencers in the Industry?

  • "The power of social networking is such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 4+ billion monthly active Social Media users by 2022, around a third of Earth’s entire population."  

  • Consumers are excited to hear about product recommendations from social influencers.

  • There’s an emotional connection and an element of authenticity that cannot be replicated by traditional forms of advertising.

  • It’s an effective way to increase brand awareness by capitalizing on the influencer’s reach without having direct involvement in a product’s promotion.

  • Products and brands are endorsed by a trusted source on social media platforms—where 71 percent of consumers research before making purchasing decisions.

  • Influencer marketing can be likened to ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing—a powerful endorsement from a trusted source that is likely to induce customers into making a purchase.

  • Out of 86% marketers who used influencer marketing in 2021, 92% of them found it useful.

  • To make the most out of digital channels, 44% marketers are planning to use influencer content.

  • 36% of ecommerce marketers are planning to use influencer content in 2022 to increase their product sales.